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June 16, 1876

“Last evening the members of the Field Battery turned out in strong force and marched through the principal streets, headed by their new band.”
   Hamilton Spectator    June 16, 1876
Friday June 16, 1876 was definitely a slow local news day. The Field Battery on the march was worthy of attention in the press, but even more so was the militia unit’s new band, and their appearance as they marched in the falling light:
“The men of the battery presented a very attractive appearance, while the band, the members of  which had each a small lamp burning on the front of his cap, was the object of much attention. The band numbered twenty-two members on the march last night, and their music was much admired.”
The Spectator of June 16, 1876 was filled with stories not from the immediate Hamilton area, although it did pick up two items from Dundas:
"Dundas ‘Banner Items"
NEARLY BURIED ALIVE – On Tuesday afternoon a Frenchman named Sissons who was engaged extending the mains of the Gas company on King street, was very nearly buried by the excavation he was working in. Fortunately he was standing erect at the time, and his head and part of his body being left uncovered, he made sufficient noise to attract attention from the houses close by, and was relieved as soon as possible.
ACCIDENT – On Friday last, while Mr. Flatt, son of John I. Flatt, Esq., of East Flamboro, was sitting on his wagon on a spring board, the board slipped and he was pitched under the wheels of the wagon, one of which passed over him and broke one of his legs below the knee. Drs. McMahon and McGregor were sent for and promptly set the leg, and the young man is now doing well.
Proceedings at the Police Court were few in number:
There were four parties up for the above offence – Mrs. Moore, Michael Nowlan, Jas. Fitzgerald and Patrick O’Neil. Nowlan was fined $2, Moore and O’Neil 41 each and Fitzgerald, 50 cents.
Wm. Nicholson was charged with assault by John Hall. Hall is a colored man, and it appears that Nicholson gave him a powerful beating. Neither side appeared in court, and the case was dismissed with $4 costs.

An advertisement for the Ocean House touted the new facility at the popular hotel on the Beach Strip near the Burlington Bay Canal:
"Ocean House – Music Hall. This new and magnificent Hall will accommodate two hundred persons dancing at the same time. There is attached to the Hall large refreshment and ladies’ dressing rooms. Excursion and dancing parties can arrange for the above, with or without music, admission by tickets to be had at the Ocean House. W. A. Nevills, Manager.

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