Sunday 19 February 2012

February 18, 1876


There was just one story of note in the February 18, 1876 issue of the Hamilton Weekly Times. 

It is reprinted below without additional comment :

"Last evening, Charles Corcoran, one of the swell colored gentry of the city, got drunk. Charles has as much insolence as he has cars, and has often been threatened with a horsewhipping for his insulting conduct towards respectable people on the street. Last evening into Broadbent’s grocery, where he commenced to raise a row, but in the midst of it, after having frequently been repeatedly ordered out he was pitched into the street. He commenced to yell for blood then and felt round for a knife, causing the crowd that had gathered round him to disperse in quick time. He was arrested by. Con. McMenemy, and resisted desperately, the struggle being something more than a mere scuffle. Another Constable came up and Charles was carried away to the cells howling like a young Indian. He came up smiling this morning and defended himself as became a young gentleman, who had more than three suits of clothes, but it was all N.G. and the elegant Charles was fined $5 or 40 days."

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