Wednesday 25 April 2012

April 26, 1876

 “This morning, at ten o’clock, box 37 sounded the alarm of fire.”
                           Hamilton Spectator    April 26, 1876
In the afternoon edition of the Spectator, readers were able to learn the full details of why the fire lads were on the run that morning. It was a blaze at the extreme west  end of Maiden Lane, past Locke street south:
“When the firemen reached the grounds they found the fire to be in Campbell’s pottery in the extreme west end, the flames burning furiously through the roof and threatening the whole building with destruction. Unfortunately, there was only one hydrant in the neighbourhood, so that only two hoses could be used. The firemen, however, worked bravely and succeeded in protecting the new building from the flames, and confining the fire to the building in which it originated. This was the department in which the models were kept and its loss will be very heavy. The building is insured for in the London and Lancashire Insurance Company, which will about half cover the losses sustained. The fire was completely subdued about twelve o’clock.”
In the only other news of note in the April 26, 1876 edition of the Hamilton Spectator was about the strongly-anticipated billiard match to take place that evening :
       Tonight, the long-talked of billiard match between Phelan and Davis comes off in the Revere Hall. Those wishing favourable seats should be there early, as with the exception of the annual races, greater interest has not been excited among the “b-hoys” by any sporting event. Last evening pools were sold at the Royal, Phelan being bought first favourite at the odds of $5 to $3 and $10 to $7. The betting was heavy, and those who have not bought can have an opportunity of doing so at the hall tonight. Parties not acquainted with billiards should not judge by the odds given in the pools, as it is acknowledged on all hands that the players are nearly equal. Mr. Rufus Cooper conducts the pool selling.  Tonight in the same hall Jakes and Bennett will play a game for $100 a side, which will be an interesting feature, but the interest of the evening will centre in the local match. Capron, of Paris, will be present and act as referee.”

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