Wednesday 20 June 2012

June 21, 1876

There were only two items of note in the Hamilton Spectator issue, dated June 21, 1876.
Both items concerned events not in the city of Hamilton itself but in other parts of Wentworth County:
          A fire broke out this morning at an early hour in the store of Redhead & Son, Carlisle, in which were also situated the village post office and telegraph office, the whole being completely consumed with nearly all the contents. The loss is heavy. Insured in the Farmer’s and the Canadian Mutual Co.’s for $2,000 each.”
          The other story involved the steamer Transit, but in a very different context than summer night excursions on the bay.
The Transit had steamed into Dundas to pick up passengers. At the Dundas end of the Desjardins canal was a large area of open water which gave enough space for large vessels to turn around in order to return to the bay via Coote’s Paradise.
 Presumably, given what happened, it was the Transit’s first trip into Dundas:
“A brief dispatch from Dundas yesterday informed our readers that the body of the late Mr. Thomas Ireland, who was drowned in the Dundas creek on the 13th of April, had been found in the Desjardins canal. The body was brought to the surface of the canal by the motion created in the water by the steamer Transit which was on her way from Dundas to the Brant House. The body was perceived by two boys who went out into the water and brought it to the bank of the canal near the basin. One of the youngsters went up to Dundas with the news, and the other remained with the body. In a short time, a number of friends of the deceased gentleman came back with the messenger and identified the remains as those of Mr. Ireland. Dr. Thomas White of this city was immediately telegraphed to hold an inquest. Dr. White proceeded to Dundas and summoned a jury, and held an examination. The jury went down to the bank of the canal and viewed the body, and after hearing the testimony of a number of witnesses, returned a verdict of “Accidental Drowning.” After the body had been viewed by the Jury, it was taken to the Town Hall, where it was coffined. This morning, the funeral took place and was very largely attended by the residents of Dundas, among whom Mr. Ireland was deservedly held in high esteem.”

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