Saturday 17 March 2012

March 18, 1876

The sleighing is remarkably good in the country, the cutter slipping along quite easily. The sleighing between here and Dundas could easily be better, but it is still good enough for the sleigh to run without any unpleasantness.”
                             Hamilton Spectator   March 18, 1876
          The day after St. Patrick’s Day, 1876 was rather uneventful after the big street procession and following celebrations in homes and saloons across the city.
          The recently released 1876 Bird’s Eye View item was selling well, so a local firm decided to make some frames, designed specifically for the map:
“Messrs. Lancefield Brothers, 52 James street, have made up some very handsome a cheap frames for the Bird’s Eye View of Hamilton. Those who wish them framed should call in at their store and see them.
          The editor of the Dundas True Banner seemed to enjoy. Besides an on-going dispute with the editor of another Dundas newspaper, he had the temerity to challenge the Spectator :
       During the last few months, the Banner man has taken the trouble on several occasions to state editorially that certain locals of sensational character published in the SPECTATOR were mere fabrications got up with a view to “sell” the public. These paragraphs were too insignificant to be noticed until Thursday last. The Banner stated that the paragraph which appeared in the SPECTATOR of a few days ago stating that Mr. Ira J. Flatt, of East Flamoboro’, had been thrown eighteen feet into the air by a skid was not only untrue, but that the article was ridiculous in its absurdity. As usual, the Banner is wrong. Mr. Flatt was thrown eighteen feet into the air, which can be proven by substantial witnesses of the accident, among whom is Mr. Hendershott, of Jerseyville. In falling, Mr. Flatt injured himself very much, and had it not been for urgent business, he would at once have taken to his bed.”
          The last item also had Dundas connections. It related to the charter for an on-street railway to connect the Valley Town to Dundas :
       An important meeting of the friends and opponents of the Dundas and Hamilton Street Railway was held last evening in the Town Hall, Dundas, and speeches made for and against the scheme. The feeling seems to be strongly in favour of the railway. Mr. B. B. Osler subscribed $1,500 worth of stock, and another gentleman $2,500. Mr. Osler vouched that the City of Hamilton would give a bonus of $10,000 towards the scheme.”

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