Friday 6 January 2012

January 7, 1876

“Our readers will be glad to learn that this afternoon Mr. Nelson Mills was much easier, and that his relatives entertain strong hopes of his ultimate recovery. His wounds, although very painful, are not of as dangerous a nature as was at first supposed, and it is thought that Mr. Mills’ strong constitution will bear up against the shock he has received.”
Spectator. January 7, 1876
Five days after he was brutally attacked by a tenant, Nelson Mills seemed to be recovering and the Spectator duly noted his progress for concerned Hamiltonians.
Local theatres were in the news again.
Mr. McKinley fresh from his conviction in Police Court for aggravated assault, was again in the news, but on a more positive note.
The stage production, “Aladdin or the Wonderful Lamp” had been wildly successful in its run in Toronto. McKinley decided to bring the production, including its elaborate staging, to Hamilton for a run at the Mechanics’ Hall.
In anticipation of the impending arrival of Aladdin, the Spectator carried a review of the performance which had recently appeared in the Toronto Globe :
“The afternoon of Aladdin at the Royal Opera House yesterday was attended by a crowded audience before the performance began, there being no sitting accommodation in the house. In the evening there was also a good house, when there was presented in addition to the usual attractions, Mr. Harry Gurr, as the great Man-Fish, introducing his performance of drinking, eating etc., under water.”
Another leader in Hamilton theatre circles who also had been having some recent legal problems was Mr. Tindill, owner/operator of the Theatre Comique.
After a brief closure due to a dispute with some of the performers contracted to play at the Theatre Comique, the facility had undergone an extensive redecoration and was about to reopen when the following was carried in the local press :
“Tomorrow evening this place of amusement will be reopened with an entirely new company, including some first-class Variety actors. All the old company has been dismissed, and the entire cast will be fresh and new. The following is the company : Nellie Stanley, Serio-Comic, Ettie Le Clair, Danseuse, Miss Ada and Mr. John Richardson, Ethiopian performers, Sam. Howard, song and dance, Miss Nellie Clark, Indian Club, the La Rue brothers, gymnasts, and Harry Price, the Dutch comedian. With this company, Mr. Tindill will doubtless be able to give a better variety entertainment than on his first attempt, which could not be called a success as he was disappointed with the merit of his Company. The stage of the Comique has been handsomely refitted, and several new curtains and scenes have been placed in it.”

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